Demi & Zach- What Dreams Are Made Of

There’s a few things you need to do before you get deep into this blog.

Go throw on your comfiest knit, grab a wine and get ready to feast your eyes on this.

Think of every synonym you can for “Wowzers” and (Insert Here).

Here’s a few to get you started; Holey Dooley, Dayum, OH EM GEE.

This wedding is what Pinterest dreams are made of!

Having known Demi for such a long time, I knew what vibe we were creating before she had even had a chance to tell me all about. Having every detail so meticulously and perfectly planned out this wedding just oozed “Demi & Zach. From her talented vendors to the finer details, she nailed every bit of it.

You can see for yourself below.

I mean, just look at her!

Not only did I get to create for Demi & Zach, I got to attend the wedding too. To see everyone enjoy the florals throughout the day was something else. I often hear “All the guests couldn’t stop saying how amazing the flowers were” but for the first time I got to hear the compliments first hand and see just how much of an effect they really do have on your wedding day. After working my butt off for days and feeling the real effects of the body fatigue and pain setting in during the night the best little pick me up came my way. The shout out from the groom. Straight from the mouth of the bride herself “You know the flowers are amazing when even the groom won’t stop talking about them” And that’s exactly what happened. An absolutely gobsmacked Zach gave us all the biggest laugh. I’m not too sure how many beers had been consumed by this stage but here’s what he had to say. “I can’t believe you made this thing behind me with like sticks and things from your garden?! How do you even do that? It’s incredible”. Literally the cutest and funniest thing to come from a Groom who knows nothing about flowers but loved every bit of it.

If you love what you see here is the amazing team who helped create this dream day:




Hair Stylist:




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