Grace + Jack Tie the Knot

You are reading this blog right now because I had to stop my self from spamming you all on the gram because this wedding is just too good not to share. Plus, I actually have half an hour to myself today which is so so rare in my life. It's actually taken me 2 years to be on top of my inbox and work and get the time to start getting back into the things I love like blogging or creating just for the sake of it! IT FEELS GOOOD!

Any who, I'm going to let the photos of this one speak for itself. More photo's less words. A little treat for your eyes. I had so much fun creating for this wedding. Grace and Jack are two beautiful humans who genuinely care so much about everything that was to go into their wedding that I couldn't help but put so much extra love into their designs. I knew nothing would go unnoticed. For some that would scare the heck out of them but for me it just gets me even more excited for them to walk in the door and see the transformation.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that foliage drip?!

Thanks for having us Grace & Jack!...Until the vow renewal xx

Dream Team



Suit Designer:


Hair Artist:

Make Up Artist:

Invitations Design:

Celebrant: Mel Blanch Enzo

Cake Designer:

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