The Ones I Love the Most

Happy first blog to me! I thought the best place to start is to tell you all about the super rad people behind my business. They are what drive me, inspire me and add laughter to my day, everyday.

I’ll start with this Gal, Teddy. Teddy and I share a space in Hunter street mall. We became friends over a love for Nike gym gear. After an hour of conversation with her for the first time it led me to deciding pretty well that day that she will be my shop wife and I was moving in! It’s been a strong shop wife relationship ever since. Teddy is full of laughter and smiles and makes it so worth while coming to work every day. Not only do we share a shop but we get to share pregnancy together! That’s pretty damn special.

This one is Mel. She’s a country Gal at heart, a maths teacher to be, a hard loyal worker and a damn good florist! I have been teaching Mel from the get go. We tackle weddings together, the fun stuff, the not so fun stuff, the early mornings & the late nights. There’s not a day that goes by where Teddy and I don’t say to each other just how much we love Mel. She’s the best!

Last but not least my fiancé/future baby Dadda Zac. Zac’s the brains behind the business, the unofficial mentor, builder of spread sheets and the one to whip my arse into line. He is the source of all good ideas and the one to stop all the bad ones. I can pretty much thank him for turning my creative mush mind into a slightly business orientated. In my eyes, he knows it all.

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